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Premium Quality Heavy-Duty Rope Pull Disc for FIBC Container Liners.

Rope Pull Disc for FIBC Essen Electromech Plastic Products Manufacturer
  • Name: Plastic Rope Pull Disc

  • Compatibility: 3mm to 5mm Ropes

  • Application: FIBC Container Liners

  • Material: Light-Duty Premium Grade Plastic

  • Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, etc.

  • Unit: Pieces

  • Packaging: 5000 Pieces per Package

  • Transport: Worldwide Door-Delivery Shipments

  • Origin: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Rope Pull Disc?

Rope Pull Disc often referred to as Rope Disc is an FIBC plastic accessory. Rope Pull Disc helps to adjust the ropes around the FIBC container liners thereby adding value to the end product use.

What makes our Rope Pull Disc better than others on the Market?

We manufacture our heavy-duty Rope Pull Disc with specially composed premium plastic that can sustain highly intense weather conditions and pressure due to its tensile strength, material composition and product design.

What is an FIBC?

FIBC is an industrial container made of a flexible fabric designed for storing and transporting dry and liquid flowable products. Some examples of such products are fertilizers, plastic granules, sand, garbage, various forms of liquids etc. FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container and is commonly known as Big Bag, Bulk Bag, Jumbo Bag and Super Sack.