Heavy Duty Cord T Lock

Plastic Cord T-Lock | Plastic Rope Lock | Plastic Toggle Lock

Product Description

We are manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty plastic cord t-locks locks used in FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags and other places. Plastic t-lock used in FIBC bags also known as fibc t-lock or fibc cord lock or fibc rope lock or fibc fix lock, fibc toggle lock is a closure device used to close either a top fill spout, bottom discharge spout or skirt cover spout for the FIBC bags.

Moreover, these plastic cord locks eliminate the need for complicated and unsafe hand-tied knots. Our heavy duty fibc plastic cord t-locks made with the specially composed plastic can sustain highly intense weather conditions and pressure due to its tensile strength, material composition and product design.

Product Features

  • Name: Cord T Lock

  • Synonyms: T-Lock, Rope Lock, Toggle Lock

  • Application: FIBC Bags and More

  • Material: Premium Plastic

  • Colors: White, Black, Yellow, Blue, etc.

  • Packaging: 5000 Pieces per Package

  • Delivery: Door Delivery

  • Payment: Advance

  • Origin: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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