Frequently Asked Questions

20+ years of Premium Quality Plastic Products Manufacturing using Injection Molding Technology.

[1] What are plastic accessories made by Essen Electromech?

FIBC bag and container liner use plastic accessories like b-lock, cord lock, dispenser valve, rope adjuster, rope lock, fix lock, rope disc, pull disc, toggle lock, t-lock to make their product easier to use for the customer. These plastic accessories act as a closure device that closes either a top fill spout, bottom discharge spout or skirt cover of FIBC bag, thereby adding value to the end product use.

[2] Why to use plastic accessories manufactured by Essen Electromech?

Essen Electromech manufactures heavy-duty plastic accessories with specially composed premium plastic that can sustain highly intense weather conditions and pressure due to its tensile strength, material composition and product design. These plastic accessories make the end product more competitive and convenient to use for the customer.

[3] How can we trust a small manufacturer like Essen Electromech from India?

Essen Electromech is in the plastic product manufacturing industry for 20+ years. We believe genuine quality does not need external certificates but internal inspection. We manually examine each of our components to ensure high precision work and always welcome quality inspection from our customers.